The Fintech Valley Europe

  FinTech will bring Europe success in the digital age   

Signatory Countries

Signed Partnerships from all over the World

Innovators from 11 countries presented a Manifesto to the governments of their countries and launched the FinTech Valley Europe initiative.

The initiative was launched by the signing of a memorandum at the initiative of the Slovak fintech association FINAS by the leading representatives of fintech associations from Poland, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova with the support of colleagues from Israel.
The FinTech Valley Europe initiative, which was discussed at the event by experts from more than a dozen countries, represents the vision of a leading international player in the creation of innovative and inclusive financial solutions. They will bring effective functioning for various areas of society and the economy.

Our Motive

FinTech will bring Europe success in the digital age

Let’s kick-start Europe’s development in the digital age! In Bratislava, FinTech experts from eleven European countries expressed their conviction that digitalisation and innovation are essential for progress and prosperity. Convinced of the potential that the digital transformation of finance brings to the economy, society and every individual, they have therefore presented the Manifest to their governments, launching the FinTech Valley Europe initiative.

Our Goals

In order to accelerate Europe’s competitiveness and the success of its citizens in the digital age, we propose to our governments to include FinTech development among government policy priorities, with the following points:

Promoting innovation and technological development

We call on governments and regulators to create an enabling environment for innovation and technological development. It is necessary to support the development of the FinTech ecosystems of the countries’ digital economy. Support for the creation and development of start-ups, scaleups and FinTech companies based on technological innovation will bring improved services, efficiency and added value not only to the financial sector but in all sectors of the economy and the efficient functioning of the whole society.

Regulatory flexibility

We ask for flexible and appropriate regulatory frameworks for the FinTech industry. There is a need for rules that protect consumers and ensure the stability of the financial system, while allowing FinTech to innovate and compete with traditional players. We consider it necessary not only to formally adopt, but also to put into practice European regulatory standards on DLT technologies, but also somewhat earlier rules for crowdfunding and other modern legislation.

Cooperation and dialogue

We call for active cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to achieve optimal results in digitalisation and FinTech. There is a need to create a space for dialogue and cooperation between FinTech firms, banks, regulators and other relevant stakeholders.

Promoting education and digital financial literacy

It is essential to invest in education and increase digital literacy for citizens and entrepreneurs. Developing programmes and initiatives that help people understand and use digital tools and FinTech solutions is crucial for their successful engagement in the digital economy. In parallel with the expansion of digital literacy, support the creation and concentration of know-how at universities, support young FinTech innovation talents and ensure technology transfer between countries’ innovation ecosystems.

Openness to international cooperation

We support cooperation between FinTech players and organisations at a global level. The exchange of experience, know-how and best practices and practices will bring new opportunities and strengthen Europe’s position in the global FinTech ecosystem. It is therefore necessary to set up financing schemes for FinTech hubs with a combination of state and private support for FinTech accelerators.


We call for the creation of new partnerships between the state and the innovative IT community to build a healthy and transparent public sector in the fields of digitalisation, information and communication technologies and the introduction of financial innovation.

Security and protection of personal data

Personal data protection and cybersecurity are essential for trusting the benefits of the digital economy. We call for high standards and data security measures to minimise the risks of misuse and unauthorised access to information.

Digital identity

Digital and FinTech innovation innovators offer their expertise to states to create a unified, fully functional digital identity. This will bring about smooth and secure contact between individuals and organisations with the state and public administration, but it is equally usable and accepted in a range of private relations – financial services, transfers of ownership between private entities, provision of services.

Financial inclusion

We believe that digital transformation and FinTech have the potential to strengthen financial inclusion and enable access to financial services for all citizens. It is necessary to ensure that digital tools and FinTech solutions are accessible and accessible to all, including those excluded from the traditional financial system. Therefore, FinTech solutions in the field of social services, including social insurance, make a significant contribution to society and inclusion

Road Map Activities


Signed Partnerships from all over the World